About us


Tara is a brand that dives deep into the secrets of the earth and her treasure trove of blooming botanicals, long trusted by generations in Southeast Asia for its healing powers.
With every deep root, leafy herb, fibrous rhizome and delicious fruit, a million cure awaits to bring you back to be the best of you. Tara grounds itself on the principle of balance.
Every product in the Tara line honours the long standing benefits of the ancient science of jamu – fortified with details that are mindful to the needs and lifestyle of the modern, urban woman.
Tara Wellness Path
It began with one woman’s need to heal and recover after her second childbirth. During her postpartum, Nora Danish relished how the traditional
jamu helped her regained strength and showered her with bountiful energy within such a short span of time.
She learnt that the science of jamu is limitless and at its core, it brings a woman back to the best of her inner self. It was this principle that made
her fell in deeply in love with how nature guides your body gently, caressing, nurturing and fundamentally honouring what the body is created for.
The modern woman’s lifestyle is busy, harried and always on the go to reach the sky. Tara is here to hold your hand to live that life.
That homecoming.  With you. And for you.