Tara Juice Plus +

Tara Juice Plus +

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Tara Juice Plus is a Botanical beverage also known as Jamu Moden, made especially for women. Tara Juice Plus is the latest formulation with a mixture of Avocado, Serapat Root, Taurine and Lime Complex to give an extra effect in the month of Ramadan.

It is packed in a portable sachet so that you can taste its deliciousness straight from the pack. The pomegranate flavored modern jamu juice helps to elevate a woman's inner wellness and keep her body feels energized during the month of Ramadhan.

๐ŸŒน Maintains the body's immune system and protects against infectious diseases
๐ŸŒน Provides the function of satiating and absorbing nutrients well
๐ŸŒน Relieves uterine muscle spasms and overcomes fatigue during menstruation
๐ŸŒน Reduces the signs of skin aging such as wrinkles
๐ŸŒน Strengthens body movements and memory
๐ŸŒน Reinstate a woman's inner and outer energy
๐ŸŒน Tightens and aids a healthier Miss V
๐ŸŒน Strengthens your immune system and prevents disease
๐ŸŒน Eliminate menstrual cramps and helps to regulate menstrual cycles
๐ŸŒน Helps in attaining translucent and youthful skin ๐ŸŒน Eliminates excessive white discharge
๐ŸŒน Balances a woman's hormonal system and encourages smooth blood flow
๐ŸŒน Gets rid of bacteria/fungus and strengthen vaginal muscles Tara Juice Primary

- Taurine
- Red Orange Complex
- Avocado
- Serapat root
- Pomegranate
- Fingerroot
- Acacia Catechu
- Honey
- Prune
- Dates
- Cranberry
- Tumeric
- Shatavari
- Piper Bettle
- Galangal
- Aleppo Oak

Tara Juice is Suitable for:
๐ŸŒน Married Women
๐ŸŒน Single Women
๐ŸŒน Teenage girls in puberty
๐ŸŒน Women in menopause

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